Monday, 14 July 2014


Not everyone is into a skincare, I get that, but for me not only is my skincare important for maintaining healthy, clean supple skin...but it's a chance to press "pause", and (without sounding weird and creepy) it's a ritual of self love. 

It's my time to press pause on life and take some time for me, just me. I think it's so important to give love ,time and attention to yourself.  I look forward to coming home from a day at work so I can preform my beautifying ritual through skincare. I love to double cleanse in the evening and take the time to use a nice cream/balm cleanser and really work it into my skin and spend a few minutes massaging the product into my skin. Then will come some sort of facial spritz, is it weird I'm like obsessed with facial spritz?! Anyway then will be my serum of choice, followed by a moisturiser. All loving applied. 

What makes everything even more amazing is that "green" skincare is just fantastic, because it's all about potent, carefully selected botanical and herbs and other green goodies, so it really feels like you are feeding your skin...and oh a lot of the products I use smell fan-blimmin-tastic! So the ritual experience is heightened through your senses. Bliss.  

Like eating is one of life's pleasures, having a skincare ritual for me is also one of life's little pleasures. 

I have daily rituals and weekly rituals, come on girls (and guys) we all know Sundays were made for a good mask and some pampering. (OK I'm not going to lie I love to use masks more than just on a Sunday) 

Do you have a ritual you follow? What do you love to do to press pause on life and take some time for you?

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