Monday, 23 June 2014


This is my faithful fallback cleanser that I love to use often. 

It's super easy to make, and it's super effective. 

It's suitable for all skin types, and it's only 2 ingredients! 

I love to use this in the AM, as that's when my skin only needs a light cleanse. You can also use it the evenings but it does not remove makeup, so remove your makeup first before using this cleanser.

You will need: 

1.Gram Flour (also known as Besan or Chickepa Flour)

What is Gram Flour? 

Gram flour or besan as it called Hindi is a pulse flour that is obtained when you grind chick peas. It will gently cleanse and brighten your skin. 

Where can I find it? 

You will defiantly be able to find Gram flour/Besan in any Indian/Asian supermarket, or try the Indian cooking section in your local supermarket. 

Why are Oats so great for the skin?
The oat powder gently removes impurities but will not damage the skin like scrubs and exfoliants. Gram flour is fantastic for sopping up excess oil on the skin without drying it out. The combination of the Gram flour and oatmeal soothes and heals any inflammation


Grind up your oats (about 1-2 tablespoons) 
Add gram flour (same quantity as the oats) 

Put both in a small container ( I used an old empty moisturiser jar) 

Boom - Done. 

It's as easy as that. 

How to use:

Wet your face 
Pour a little of the powder mixture into your hand, add some water to make a paste 
Put it on your face and wash your face like you would using any other cleanser! 

I make mine in small batches, to last a week, although you can make bigger batches as the product will not spoil. (Just make sure no water gets into the mixture) 

It's inexpensive, super effective and uses natural ingredients..whats not to love. 

Try it, I'm convinced you will love it too. 

If you try this do let me know.

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