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I'm a skincare junkie. I love skincare, and I love the whole ritual of a good skincare routine.

Recently, i was in the market for new skincare and decided to bite the bullet after reading a lot of great things about the brand Aurelia. It has also just won the Natural Beauty Bible's 'Best New Brand'! 

*Please note that I brought all these products with my own cold hard earned cash*

It's a British brand (Yah!).

All of Aurelias products are FREE FROM synthetic fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulphates, propylene glycol, phthalates, GMO, PEGs, TEA and DEA. Yes, Yes, Yes!

Aurelia uses what they call probiotic technology, what on earth is that you may be thinking? We have all heard of topping up the good bacteria in our tummies with probiotics, but for your face? My understanding is that our skin is covered in beneficial bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for maintaining the acid mantle of the skin (or the pH balance), keeping skin supple and healthy rather than overly dry or oily. Aurelia also use peptides and loads of great botanical ingredients. I would highly recommend you check out their impressive website where they talk in further detail about the science behind their products. I'll be honest with you, the science part can be a bit complex and mind boggling, but as long as the products deliver, its all good!

I have to start off by saying that all the products smell incredible, there like little pots of heaven, which makes them a real pleasure to use. They do not use any synthetic/ artificial fragrances, the lovely aromas all come from beautiful essential oils, like jasmine, lavender, neroli and rose. You get a real luxurious sensory experience when using these products. 

MIRACLE CLEANSER £34.00 for 120ml
Product description taken from Aurelia's website:
This intelligent, aromatic, creamy infusion glides on to the skin and lifts off all impurities and make- up. It fuses probiotic and peptide technologies with BioOrganic plant and flower essences to hydrate and soothe dull and dehydrated skin promoting a luminous, dewy, radiant glow whilst helping to prevent skin ageing. Fragranced with an uplifting essential oil blend of Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Rosemary and Bergamot this creamy cleanser along with its soft antibacterial bamboo muslin cloth buffs away dead skin cells and make-up whilst helping to stimulate the skin’s natural renewal process. This in turn speeds skin cell turnover, resulting in a brighter complexion with fresher, younger skin cells ready for hydration on the surface.

So with a name like miracle cleanser the product has a lot to live up to, and  I think it does! This cleanser has a beautiful creamy, almost like soft butter, yet light whipped texture (I hope I'm making sense!) You massage the cleanser in to your dry face and then wipe away with bamboo washcloth that comes with the cleanser. 

Why I love it:

♥Beautiful packaging 
♥Melts away dirt and grime like nobody’s business, even waterproof mascara 
♥You can give yourself a really good facial massage with the cleanser, I love to use this cleaner in the evening, and spend a good 10-15 minutes really massaging this in to my skin 
♥It’s really luxurious and a pleasure to use, it has a lovely light whipped creamy texture
♥It doesn't leave any residue or oily film behind on the skin
♥The bamboo washcloth it comes with, is really soft on your skin 
♥A little goes a long way, so this will last you a long time
♥Leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished

Bottom line – although it won’t produce any miracles of a biblical nature, you will have deeply cleansed, soft skin ready for the next step in your routine. 

Why I love them:

♥Both have gorgeous textures
♥The day cream is fantastic to apply under makeup as it sinks in really quickly, and leaves absolutely no greasy residue behind
♥The night cream, although thicker and very creamy, again really sinks in beautifully, and feels really nourishing, hydrating and soothing on the skin
♥Smell incredible - i love to just take a few moments to inhale the aromas whilst applying the creams, I find this really relaxing. The night moisturiser is my favourite, it smells divine. I really look forward to using this.
♥Both apply beautifully around the eyes
♥Contain some amazing botanical ingredients
♥Both use the same probiotic technology as with their other products

REVITALISE & GLOW SERUM £47.00 for 30ml
Product description taken from Aurelia's website:
A lightweight and easily absorbed potent age prevention fluid. It fuses Aurelia Probiotic Skincare’s technology with BioOrganic plant and flower essences, enabling accelerated action on the dermis layer within the skin while depositing probiotics, peptides and antioxidants where they are most needed. Concentrated BioOrganic 100% pure botanicals include Baobab which is rich in precious Omega 3, 6 & 9 to revitalise the skin, soothing and firming Kigelia Africana and Hibiscus to fight oxidative stress, combined with a powerful dose of vitamin E.

Why I love it:

♥Lightweight, sinks in easily
♥Provides an extra step of hydration, I think this would be wonderful for someone with dehydrated skin
♥Smells like a bouquet of fresh flowers
♥I love to keep mine in the fridge, and this feels so wonderfully cool, and calming on the skin when applied
♥When i don't use this, I really miss this step in my skincare, as it does provide a good hydrating boost I feel

How i use the products:
Cleanser → mist my face with floral water/toner of choice → apply revitalise&glow serum →apply either the day or night moisturiser.

So any downsides to these products you may be be honest I can't really fault them, I have only been using these products for around two months now, so cannot comment on the long term effects, but the short term ones are great! One downside if  I had to say one, would be the price of the products, for a lot of people the price of this line may be an issue, which is completely understandable, as I was in two minds myself, however I do believe in spending money on good skincare, I think that it’s an area of your beauty routine that you should spend your money on. I love good skincare, and this brand certainly delivers. 

This is a luxury skincare line, but you really do get what you pay for. So if you're looking for a high end skincare line to try, you really will not go wrong with Aurelia. I highly recommend this brand.

If your thinking of buying any products from this line, but are hesitant, a great way to try the line would be by purchasing their discovery box set, which is £14.00 and includes good size sample sizes of products from the line.

I really need to save some money want to try the refine and polish miracle balm, the rose mask and the cell repair night oil from this line. On to the wish list they go.

Have you tried this brand? What are your thoughts?

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