Wednesday, 4 June 2014


One of the most common complaints people have is that they do not have enough energy. I can relate to this, as I think we all can. I often hear people say how they would love to do x,y, or z but can't because they simply lack the energy to do so. This can lead to people turning to external stimulants, for example caffeine and sugar, to obtain the energy they are looking for. The danger with this is you can become too reliant on these stimulants. Relying on external stimulants for more energy is not sustainable or realistic.


3 Ways to naturally have more energy 

1. Take it easy. Try to relax more, the more you can relax the more energy you will naturally have. Learning to have more ease, comfort and peace within yourself is so important, especially in the hectic and fast paced world we will live in. Find what helps you relax, and brings you some inner peace and stillness, and do that thing everyday, be it yoga, meditation, reading, being in nature, taking a relaxing bath, or whatever it may be. Personally I love to do some guided meditation. Do whatever works for you.

2. Do more of what you love. Doing things that you don't want/like to do, will essentially rob you of your energy reserves, because they take energy but put nothing back. For example say you had a particular exercise routine that you love, yes it's going to take a lot of energy, and it will tire you out BUT because you love it and look forward to it, it also nourishes you. For me, blogging is a lot of hard work (on top of my normal 9-5 job) BUT I enjoy it, it excites me, I look forward to it. So even though I'm putting a lot of energy in, I'm also getting energy out. On the other hand my 9-5 is something I don't enjoy, I have to put my energy into this, but because it's not my passion/interest the energy does not come back to me, rather it depletes me of my energy. Monday mornings most mornings  my body quite literally cries out in defiance of being pushed into doing something it doesn't want to do! 

I'm not suggesting you just drop everything, to go behind your passions, this is the real world we live in, and those bills are not going to pay themselves. It's about being open to opportunities, and taking the time to cultivate those activities that make you happy. Following your passion has the power to change your life, but it can also make you miserable if you make it into another thing you have to achieve before you can be happy. So just relax, listen to your heart and do what feels right for you.

3. Breathe. If you are not breathing poorly (and I'm guilty of this too) you are not getting enough oxygen into the body. Be mindful during the day of your breathing. Most of us are not using our lungs to their full capacity, rather we tend to breathe with quick shallow breaths. Take the time to breathe properly. Open your chest, have good posture, take long deep breaths (down into your belly button) and breathe out. When I am mindful of my breathing I feel a lot more calmer, clear headed and productive. I like to spend five minutes before bed and first thing in the morning just concentrating on breathing fully and deeply.

I think it goes without saying that eating a 'clean' diet that is free from processed and refined foods, is also key in having more energy. The food that you eat has an impact on your energy. Giving your body the right fuel is paramount to having good energy levels, I certainly start to feel the difference when I stray from eating clean!! Also, ensuring your digestion is working optimally is very important, because if it's not then your body will not be able extract and absorb all the wonderful nutrients from your food - it wont be able to take the energy out of the food. Eating fermented foods (I love Kefir) and taking a good quality probiotic are good ways to ensure you are supporting your digestive system. 

Do you have any other things you feel increase your energy levels?

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